Our Story

In a land of sprawling beaches, mother and daughter duo were enjoying life and lived by the philosophy that the most important things in life were staying true to themselves and living fully within each and every moment that they were blessed to grace the Earth.

On every new ground that their feet met, they immersed themselves in a new culture and learned new customs. They became familiar with artisan principles and high-quality handmade products, which were beautiful and made a real difference to the lives of those who put their heart and soul into making them. 

They wanted to create beach-ready clothes that lasted from season to season and that were made for everyone. Nomads and wanderers come in all shapes and sizes and so it made sense that their clothes should reflect that.

Their clothes would be flattering on everyone and would possess the ability to adapt to all body types. What’s more, the clothes would be made by hand as they had built strong and lasting relationships with artisans from around the world with whom they developed unique pieces as part of their collections.

The palm tree is a symbol of victory, peace and eternal life and this is exactly the essence of the brand. They want people to see their clothes and know that they can count on them being long-lasting, inclusive and wholly unique. Channelling their own mantra of staying true to their roots and fully embracing the  best things in life, the mother and daughter duo vowed to create clothes that would grow in personality with every single wear and bring nothing but joy to the nomads and wanderers of the world. 

And so it was that The Living Nomad was born.